The Tianjin Panda

Globlisation has brought people across the wolrd a lot closer together. To me, it has also translated into joy and opportunities.

I collected my first Sea-gull 1963 38mm Pilot’s Watch in 2013, from a watchmaker I met online called Zhang Yue. At the point we started the conversation he was just another random seller I thought – but boy I was wrong. By the time we made our deal, his extensive knowledge on watches and watch-making had totally blown me away.

Trained as an apprentice from a young age, Zhang was under the supervision of the lead watchmaker of the then Tianjin Watch Factory. The little Factory expanded rapidly to become the Tianjin Seagull Group as known of today.

With over 30 years of professional watch-making experience, Zhang branched off to start his own retail business in 2008, which includes a line under the licence of his former employer, to distribute original Sea-gull watches, movements and parts, as well as to produce customised mods.

And this brings you all Sea-gull watches you see in my store’s line-up. The cross-Globe friendship flourished and inspired us to learn more from other cultures and businesses. Over the years we have both enjoyed each other’s company and time worked together on watches.

So you now know the story of my Sea-gulls, and where they come from – strictly QC’ed in Tianjin and checked here in London – peace of mind quality is what we all love.


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