“Sai Cheung” – A Prosperous World.

“Sai Cheung” – Cantonese for “A world in peace and prosperity” – We are Rebecca and Lee, a full-time tech project manager and an electronics engineer here in tree-lined Ealing, London – We’re watch-loving enthusiasts hoping to bring you quality timepieces and accessories this prosperous world has to offer.

Our watch-collecting journey started in 2011 and from then on, we expanded our network of collectors, watchmakers and distributors. The business relations and friendships that we enjoy to this day eventually led us into a small trading business in 2015, and hence this very website – to share our passion for watches and everything horology.

Every model we sell in our online store has a story, and we believe every watch is a point of connection to the legend, the culture, and of the most importance – the people behind it. Be that an original or a mod, we’d like to share that unique watch story with you.

We want to show you how watch-making is gradually changing, and that “not-your-cup-of-tea” something might have totally transformed itself quietly – take tourbillons for instance, there’s certainly exclusivity in that domain, but with us, you’d be surprised how readily enjoyable they are nowadays, and life is just too short not to enjoy such an tech + art achievement.

We take time to properly research and collaborate with designers and manufacturers around the Globe to deliver the best quality products – your satisfaction is guaranteed. All product pictures you see here are taken by us, so what you get will be 100% true to what you see.

Welcome to our world of watches. I hope you enjoy your visit!