It is a rather difficult time to travel at the moment but we decided to go ahead since in London we couldn’t quite see a way out of Covid yet…

So here we are, finally, in the Kingdom of Manufacturing – China! We are in talks with multiple manufacturers and we are visiting these guys here to see their watches in real metal before they make their way to your wrists!

We’ll continue to take orders, and shipments will be fulfilled locally by our EMS/DHL partners – we’ve been using these guys for a good 3 years mainly for our imports to the UK and occasionally shipping straight to customers from our manufacturing sites. They offer very reliable worldwide deliveries in 6-10 days. And it’s FREE for a limited time only – We’d like to offer free deliveries to all customers around the world during our stay, so take advantage of it and get yours today!

We’ll also continue to support you and answer all queries whilst we are in China, so please drop us a message via or use the form on our Contact Page if you have any questions.

We wanted to explore into more categories and to expand our collection, especially for some long-promised tourbillons – so please keep an eye on our website!

Please take care and stay safe. We wish you, your family and friends all enjoy good health.

All the very best, and happy browsing!

Rebecca & Lee.